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Rubber Grinder

The Jordan Reduction Solutions Rubber Grinder is the equipment of choice for many industrial rubber compounding and processing facilities. With over 75 years of continuous service to the rubber industry, our Rubber Bale Grinders have proved to be the most efficient and highest production units for grinding various rubber compounds such as EPDM, SBR, NBR, Butyl and many more natural and synthetic rubber materials. From rough grind sizes to crumb rubber.

Versatile Rubber Processing

Most rubber compounds require some lubricating medium during the grinding process to reduce friction and heat. Whether the material requires dry talc powder as a partitioning agent or a fluid slurry, the JRS Rubber Bale Grinder family can accommodate your needs. We offer injection systems for both dry powder and wet fluids to aid the grinding process to facilitate a cooler, more efficient grinding process.

Rubber Recycling

Watch the Rubber Grinder video to see crumb rubber production.

Decreased Batch Mix Time

Your mixer was made to do one thing well – mix your rubber compounds. While many have the ability to break down full or partial bales of rubber; dissolving an 80 pound bale in your mixer isn’t the most cost effective of solutions. Grinding your bales with a Jordan Reduction Solutions Rubber Bale Grinder is the best way to increase the efficiency of your mixing process while decreasing the stress, cost and mix times required for your processing needs. Saving you time, money and prolonging the life of your batch mix equipment.

Metered Feeding

star feed metering system for rubber grinderMetered feeding can be crucial when grinding various rubber bale compounds. Grind too fast and heat issues can devastate the process. Each JRS Rubber Bale Grinder has an optional proprietary metered feed system that grabs the incoming material and feeds it into the rotor at a consistent, adjustable rate, giving you the perfect particle size of crumb rubber for your mixing needs. We call it a "Star Feed System" due to the shape of the feeder blades.

Consistent Particle Size at Higher Production Rates

The JRS Rubber Bale Grinder Series can produce a consistent granule size from 1/4" and up at production values up to 5 ton per hour. This allows you to choose the particle size that best accommodates your required mixing rates. These ranges make the JRS Rubber Bale Grinder the industry leader in rubber processing.

Customer Listing

Jordan Reduction Solutions Rubber Bale Grinders are serving the rubber industry at some of the worlds largest corporations. The following is a partial listing of those who have and continue to use the Jordan Reduction Solutions RBG units:

  • Goodyear Tire and Rubber
  • Exxon Mobile
  • Chevron
  • Avery Dennison
  • W.R. Grace
  • Rubbermaid RTH Polymers

Technical Specs

For machine sizes and other technical specifications, visit the main Product Grinders page.