Industrial shredders, grinders, granulators, and choppers.

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Industrial Shredder

Industrial Shredding Machines

These dual shaft Industrial Shredders use low speed, high torque hook shear blades manufactured of high alloy heat treated steel mounted on hexagonal shafts. The number of hooks, reach of hooks, and blade thickness are determined by the material being reduced.

Available with cutting chambers ranging in size from 17" x 14" to 60" x 40" with motors from 10 HP to 450 HP.
(see chart below for full machine specs and sizes)

Counter rotating shafts turn at slightly different speeds increasing the efficiency of the cutting action.

Any overloads caused by foreign material are sensed by the PLC controller and cause the shaft rotation to stop and reverse direction to clear the foreign matter, and then resume. Shock loads caused by normal shredding operation are absorbed by a patented shock absorber drive train.

Rugged Mechanical Design

Twin Shaft Shredder

Hardened steel knives and gears

shredder blades

Shredders can be configured for each unique shredding application by choosing different knife widths, knife hook design, fingers, and screens to achieve the exact shred size and production rate needed. This photo shows the shredding chamber with the infeed hopper removed to show how the hooks on the knife run in opposite directions to shred the incoming material.

Hardened gears are used on each shaft to convey the high torque and low speed into the knives in the shredder chamber.


Shredder Applications

  • Plastic Shredder
  • Tire Shredder
  • Carpet Shredding
  • Glass
  • Wood, pallets
  • Paper Shredder, book shredder, periodicals
  • Pharmaceutical shredder
  • Medical waste shredder
  • Aluminum cans
  • PVC shredding
  • Vinyl
  • Textiles Shredder
  • Extrusion scrap
  • General refuse
  • Steel turnings
  • Aluminum turnings

Combination Shredder Systems

Combination Shredder and Grinder systems

Combination systems can be composed of a low speed shredder and a high speed grinder. The shredder reduces performs initial size reduction into uniform strips or chips which are then fed by conveyors to a high speed product grinder to reduce it to a crumb, pellets, beads, chips, or even powdered particle sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Built tough to handle the most severe applications
  • Knives are constructed from high alloy heat treated steel for extra long life
  • Adjustable Blades: Positioning of the blades in the cutting chamber is also adjustable to obtain the optimum "rip-shear" action and end product size
  • Overload protection with Automatic Reversal: JRS Shredders include an electronic protection system to automatically stop and reverse the shredding action in the event of a system overload. The system allows the shredder to clear itself and then continues the shredding process, automatically.
  • Economical: From the low speed, high torque electromechanical drive to our unique cutting chamber design, Jordan's shredders are engineered for low maintenance.
  • Cutter Shafts: Gear driven, hexagonal cutter shafts designed for extra durability. Supported by tapered roller bearings.
  • Simple Operation: With many automatic features, such as the reverse starting action to automatically clear the cutters.
  • Low Noise & Non-Ballistic: Low speed, high torque shredder operate at low noise levels without creating dust and flying particles.
  • Less Space and Easy Installation: Through modular design, our shredders adapt to the work area.
  • Low Maintenance: Using quality components, heavy-duty design and fewer parts, JRS shredders are manufactured for trouble-free operation and long-lasting reliability.
  • JRS Patented Cushion Drive System absorbs minor shock loads and automatically stops the shredding action in the event a non-shreddable item is introduced into the cutting chamber.

Dimensions | Line Drawing

Shredder line drawing