Industrial shredders, grinders, granulators, and choppers.

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These Granulator machines are designed with high speed, medium inertia, open rotor body, with 2, 3 or 5 hardened steel knives. Granulators can grind material down to 80 mesh or up to 2" in size. Interchangeable qualifying screens with various diameter holes determine the final reduction size. With decibel ratings of less than 65 Db, these units are ideal for placement at individual work stations. Granulators are sized by the dimensions of the cutting chamber and range in size from 8" x 10" to 16" x 35". Motor sizes range from 5 HP to 40 HP.

(See chart below for a compete list of machine sizes and technical specifications.)

Complete systems can include air discharge units or conveyors, and can easily be integrated with existing shredder or grinder systems.

(For higher productions volumes, please review our alternative CS Grinder Series.)


arrow image Plastic granulator
arrow image Plastic shredding - up to medium size purgings
arrow image Security destruction - paper, books, folders
arrow image Pharmaceutical shredder
arrow image General recycling
arrow image Cardboard / heavy paper
arrow image Foam
arrow image Processed rubber grinding
arrow image Glass bottles, metal cans
arrow image Fiberglass
arrow image Rock wool
arrow image Textiles

Double edged granulator knives are constructed from high alloy hardened steel for superior service in any application. Knives are also designed for easy access and adjustment during routine servicing.

granulator knives
granulator screen

Granulator Specifications

Model No. 10x12 14x20 16x35
Height 71 1/2" 80 3/4" 81 1/2"
Width 31 1/4" 41" 57"
Depth 24 3/4" 36" 57"
Throat Opening 10"x12" 14"x20" 16"x35"
Stationary Knives 2 2 2
Rotating Knives 2 or 3 2 or 3 2 or 3
Length of Knives 12 1/4" 20 1/4" 35 7/16"
Rotor Diameter 11 14" 14"
Screen Sizes Various Various Various
Screen Area 160 sq. in. 365 sq. in. 638 sq. in.
Cast or Mount Option Yes Yes Yes
Type of Drive V-Belt V-Belt V-Belt
Motor HP 7 1/2 or 10 10, 15, 20, or 25 40, 50, or 75
Air Discharge Option Yes Yes Yes