Industrial shredders, grinders, granulators, and choppers.

Plastics Recycling Conference

March 6-8, 2017
New Orleans, LA
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Southeast Recycling

March 12-15, 2017
Destin, FL
San Destin Golf Resort & Spa
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Biomass Conference

April 10-12, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
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Waste Expo 2017

May 8-11, 2017
New Orleans, LA
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September 25-27, 2017
Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Convention Center
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Rubber Expo

International Elastomers Conference

October 9-12, 2017
Cleveland, OH
Huntington Convention Center
Booth 211 & 212

Industrial Shredders, Grinders, and Granulators

Jordan Reduction Solutions is proud to continue a legacy of quality, durability and performance that has made our industrial shredders, grinders, and granulators second to none. Our complete line of size reduction equipment and recycling equipment are designed to process plastics, vinyl, rubber, PVC, carpet, tires, wood, textiles, and many other materials. As the OEM successors to Mitts and Merrill, we are dedicated to continued excellence in industrial shredding solutions.

Low speed, high torque, dual shaft Shredder designed for rugged, high volume shredding. From small to large applications, Jordan Reduction Solutions makes a shredder, grinder or granulator to fit any need. Whether your project is for paper, plastic, rubber, tires, white goods or an array of other products, we have the equipment you need to handle your lightest to most demanding size reduction needs.

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We offer a high performance Grinder line with engineered performance holding design patents as far back as 1925. We have continued to enhance our equipment to be the top performing and most reliable grinder equipment offered for size reduction needs.

Grinder applications include plastic, rubber, wood, fabric, and all other industrial materials requiring grinding, destruction, or size reduction.

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A Granulator has high speed, open rotor design for fine grinding of various materials. Granulators have a smaller footprint than a full sized Grinder, but can still handle high volumes of product in the granulation process.

Features a custom inlet hopper for each application and various discharge options from conveyors to air transfer systems.

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Combined Sytems

Some applications may use a combination of equipment to create a unique and finely tuned processing system. For instance, a shredder is often used in the first phase to perform rough processing for the initial size reduction. Then, the material is transferred to a high-speed grinder or granulator to reduce the material to its final size.

Our engineering staff always welcomes the challenge to make our equipment go above and beyond your expectations and needs.

Combination shredder and grinder system

We are the experts in the industry

With over 150 years of continuous service in the manufacturing and supply of size reduction machines, Jordan Reduction Solutions leads the way in time tested and customer proven equipment. With units still in operations over 50 years after their installation, we can proudly say that our equipment will outlast any thing on the market today.

We want to be more than just another source for your shredder equipment needs. We want to be a part of your team - helping you find the right solution at the most economical operating cost. Find out how Jordan Reduction Solutions can help solve your material processing and size reduction needs.

We are experts in grinding plastics, rubber bale grinding, shredding of textiles, cardboard shredding, wood pallet grinders, and processing equipment for biofuels resources.